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Is The Request For More Clothing-Optional Places Worthwhile or A Big Waste of Time?

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White House Petition for Clothing-Elective Areas
More clothes-optional places - For those of you unaware, on January 13th, Larry Darter of the Dallas Examiner created a "We the People" petition that calls for all Federal lands to have clothing-optional areas. It is puttered along for a few weeks and AANR has put their stamp of approval on it. Currently it has just over 2,500 signatures of the 100,000 needed. With just two weeks to go, it does not look like it will meet it's aim. Some may see this as an indicator of the downfall of naturism or that naturists have serious privacy concerns, making them scared to death of actually placing a signature on anything. I 've a somewhat different position.
The "We the People" campaign was made by the U.S. Government in 2011 as a means to receive feedback from its citizens about political, societal, and economical problems, giving the typical man a method to about their matters. Initially, just were needed for the White House to issue a reply. Fast after launch, the number soared to 25,000 and today it's 100,000. Despite the number of signatures needed ever increasing, reaching the aim doesn't ensure an official statement. Previously there have been requests to label GMO food, legalize cannabis, and close Guantanamo Bay that have all surpassed the demands, but still fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile other requests, for example the one seeking to release a White House Beer recipe, or to build a full scale Death Star, or the recent one with the demand to deport Justin Bieber, received intricate comedic prose with no political relevance. The White House is simply cherry-picking what pussy peak beach deem relevant and will get them the most press. Even if this request for more clothing-optional outdoor spaces does reach its target and the White House decides it as one of their important dilemmas, there's absolutely no index the response will actually address the problem or be serious in any way.
We the People White House Request
Another thing to mention is that there now aren't any federal laws against casual, non-sexual nudity. All of the laws on record have been made strictly by the states. The implication of the request is that every national park and woods would quarter off sections for clothes-optional use. After that, who orders where these clothing-optional places are? They could section off a five-foot square that's hundreds of yards from any trail, swimming hole, or leading park place and designate it as clothing optional. Or how about the back of any cave inhabited by a grizzly bear? Sure, they are clothes-optional too. Now, with authorities sanctioned clothing-optional regions throughout the place, there would have to be means to control all the naked people from wondering out of the designated places. It wouldn't be long before a federal law was signed, making all nonsexual nudity prohibited. By taking this to the national level, there's the potential of it backfiring, because there is really nothing to legalize.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a world with more nudie areas. It would be great if I turned out to be wrong, and the request ended up receiving an official, favorable reply in the White House. FKK did post about the petition on Facebook and Twitter. Obtaining acceptance of the human body is what view 's all about. But as it pertains to social nudity, I don't believe that creating little clothes-optional zones is the answer, and by using the government's "We The People" web site, with its trivial answers and lack luster track record, doesn't help with the credibility of the cause.
It should be noted that the Naturist Action Committee issued an advisory responding to the request (link below). While they didn't discount it, some have been surprised by their less-than-enthusiastic answer. Rather than encourage everyone to sign, NAC essentially said they leave it up to the person to determine whether to sign it.
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The Petition
Request's Website Created by Larry Darter
NAC's Advisory Response to the Petition
Darter's Follow-Up Post Addressing NAC's Response
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