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Realtech VR features a new game

Those don't reveal much about the activity,though.The clearest of these small image seems toshow the skyline of Shanghai via Evil Avatar.The distinctive Oriental Pearl Tower is round the left.Forbasis of comparison,this is a normal picture in the city.The Battlefield 3 campaign took place in manycountries with the world,including France,the United States and Iran.There's no reason to think aboutthat Battlefield 4 will probably be any different.

Shanghai could turn out being one of several countries hanging out.Its inclusion implies that China may well be a key part in the plot,though.Battlefield 4 will probably be announced onMarch 26th within the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Realtech VR features a new game they just released for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phones called Brotherhood ofViolence.The game can be a beat 'em up title that lets players create their unique character and lay the smackdown on countless variations of enemies.The game has easytouse multitouch or controller support within theXbox 360 so you are able to take part within the way that is best suited for your tastes.

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