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Boy oh boy does Project CARS look wonderful

Boy oh boy does Project CARS look wonderful.No,that's an understatement,farmville looks realistic.On thehighest settings you'll be able to easily see how a visual fidelity from the sport sometimes reaches I can't believethis is actually a Runescape Gold gaming realism levels.Don't let these words of praise dictate your expectations,though,justtake a look at the activity in the newly released community screenshots.

Zero Dark Gaming got hold ofa whole,whole,whole handful of new community screenshots for Project CARS,which is actually a quite interesting gameinsofar that developer Slightly Mad Studios has actually crowdfunded this AAA quality looking game,as well as thecrazy part relating to this is farmville looks much better than almost every other 100 big game available,proving you don't need 100 million to produce gamers pee their pants within the pungent prettiness from the next generation game.

Given the looks of Project CARS as well as the continued advancement from the sport's graphics in justabout every public release,I'm almost convinced that maybe Slightly Mad Studios would benefit more fromsimply killing the activity for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and merely concentrating on the release for PC,Wii U,PS4 andwhatever the heck Microsoft's nextgen console will probably be called.Anyway,you are able to take a look in the radicallypristine,and evocatively beautiful screenshots captured of Project CARS within the community,below.
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