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Cristiano ronaldo champions league record

Cristiano ronaldo champions league record

2015-16 season in the champions league group stage 6 rounds of group A focus of A battle, Spanish giants real Madrid in the bernabeu at home against malmo Sweden giants. In the first half of this jersey mamet, free kick score after C ronaldo assists, real Madrid a 3-0 lead; C ronaldo to 3 goals in the second half, benzema, Mr Qi qi, C ronaldo finally complete the top four, this ze horse fifa 17 coins cap, real Madrid 8-0 thumping malmo, match record victory in the champions league biggest margin.

In the history of the big three European cup, real Madrid against malmo, only one champions league this season, the 2-0 victory over real Madrid. The game is real Madrid in the champions league for the first time in Sweden. Malmo is a total war and the Spanish team five games, including four war atletico Madrid, malmo defeats, 1 ball lost 12 goals. The match C ronaldo, benzema, led by real Madrid, nawaz, bell, cross, luka modric rotation to rest.J, the champions league this season starts for the first time.

12 minutes real Madrid to break the deadlock, cristiano ronaldo on the cross, his family left foot shot was malmo defender about goal-line clearance, benzema to keep up with eight metres before hand and his left foot real Madrid 1-0 lead!

24 minutes into a ball again, real Madrid ronaldo on the cross to the point, after benzema 7 meters header from tapping into the door, the door keeper Wieland no reaction, real Madrid 2-0 up! Benzema 45 goals in the champions league match zlatan ibrahimovic.

39 minutes, real Madrid forward 27 meters free kick to the left and right foot volley from C ronaldo from pepe overhead to bow, bounced down after corner, real Madrid a 3-0 lead! This is cristiano ronaldo this season's champions league 8 ball. In the first half ended, real Madrid with benzema scored twice and C ronaldo's shot a 3-0 lead.

47 minutes C ronaldo scored again, benzema box shot was defender seal, C ronaldo small box left-footed finish, real Madrid 4-0 lead! C ronaldo scored nine goals in the champions league this season, match 2013-14 and 2014-15 season he and adriano keep record for a single season in the champions league group stage.

50th minute real Madrid continued to expand the cheap fifa 17 coins , danilo right low door, cristiano ronaldo in the face of Anaheim, loose and ricardo carvalho to block, dodge Angle after fire, real Madrid 5-0 up! C ronaldo scored a hat-trick, 11 minutes in the champions league group stage 10 goals to break the record.

59 minutes, real Madrid again, benzema the ball on the heel, Mr Cross the door again, close tipped round successful, cristiano ronaldo to real Madrid 6-0 lead, cristiano ronaldo four 20 minutes! He became a real Madrid in the champions league history in 4 + first game players, the champions league record is Lionel messi and Louis - adriano keep single-game five goals.

The 70th minute of real Madrid into a ball again, Hector plug on the low door, Wieland fell off the ball, kovalainen has tipped round it takes 16 meters, real Madrid 7-0!

Real Madrid continue to massacre 74th minute, Mr Direct passing, this jersey Ma Huang open right foot volley from carvalho 16 meters net, real Madrid 8-0!This jersey a hat-trick at once. 8 0 score tied benitez in 2007 led Liverpool 8-0 massacre of besiktas champions league record the result. All of these can be find in here now... well done, come here for more fun and more fifa 17 coins!
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