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OSRS Deposit Island Acclaim Info Affectation and Champion's Cape

With Deposit Island advancing soon, Jagex has fabricated some changes and added some gameplay, for example, Acclaim advice display, a claiming in Champion's cape and aristocratic clue gamble. Now see the data as below.


Use New Analysis Acclaim Advantage to Acquire Kudos

Have you remembered all the assignment you accept absolutely if you helped Varrock Building out and got the acclaim award? Now you accept a adventitious to use new Analysis Acclaim advantage to how to acquire kudos. The advice can be apparent on the arena attic of the museum. To biking to Deposit Island crave you at atomic 100 kudos.

Defeat Leon d'Cour and Complete Champions Challenge

It's accessible for those who defeat Leon d'Cour and complete the Champions Claiming to get the Champion's Cape. If you accept defeated all 11 champions already, allege to Larxus beneath the Champion's Guild. The cape can be stored in player-owned abode apparel apartment and army in the Achievement Gallery for the account of your guests.

1/10 Adventitious to Get an Aristocratic Abundance Aisle Clue

Once allotment a high-level gamble, you will accept a 1/10 adventitious to get an aristocratic abundance aisle clue from administrator Connad's Barbarian Assault rewards. Otherwise, you will get a abstracted account in accession to his absolute rewards.

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