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these foods are not pure from vegetables

The vegetarian diet is increasingly being applied. However, it turns out some foods like orange juice and cereals are not 100% vegan.

A vegan diet or animal-free product is getting the world's attention. This diet is also called have many benefits ranging from high blood prevention, make skin smooth, to extend the age. Nutritionists even mention this diet may be applied to children.

For those of you who follow this diet, you should more carefully read the label. Because not all products claimed 100% vegan are completely free of animal products. As expressed by (24/2/17) here are some foods that are not pure vegan.

This child's favorite chewy candy is mostly made from gelatin. Even Haribo, one of the most successful brands of gummy bears puts gelatin on the order of 3 in the list of ingredients.

Gelatin itself is made from animal bones. So, if shopping for gummy bears, pay more attention to the ingredients.

Although called non-dairy creamer or creamer without dairy products, these creamer are not necessarily vegan. Besides made from sugar, oil and thickener, these creamer can also contain sodium caseinate.

Sodium caseinate is a milk protein. So, look for the vegan-labeled creamer and stay careful on the list of ingredients before buying.

Cereals are not wholly made of wheat and whole grains, Some of them also contain gelatin. So, should be more careful in choosing this delicious breakfast alternative.

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