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Summer floor laying


In general, the decoration of the temperature should be between 5 �� ~ 35 ��, if more than the temperature of the wooden floor tends to be lighter, and the high temperature will affect the working conditions of workers is not conducive to the final laying effect, be sure to Avoid high temperatures. In addition to high temperature, do not rush to construction time in rainy days construction, especially continuous rainy days, the air humidity in the rainy days will usually reach 70% or more, will affect the wooden floor pavement effect, may also appear in the future wood Floor arch, tilt and other issues.

Warm in the south, warm walls are relatively rare, the basic north of every household has. Although summer does not open the heating, but can not forget its existence. When nailing the floor nail should pay attention to avoid warm pipes, warm wood floors near the wall should pay attention to what.

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