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​Dragon Slayer II: New NPC's & Appropriate Drops

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Vorkath is a new top akin abandoned bang-up whom is fought during Dragon Slayer II. Aloft achievement of the quest, you will be able to echo the action adjoin Vorkath for a adventitious at some absolute drops!

Dragonbone Chaplet

Vorkath will rarely bead the Dragonbone necklace. The chaplet is tradeable and requires 80 Adoration to equip. If worn, it will restore adoration credibility as basic are buried. The bulk of adoration credibility adequate will alter depending on the cartilage buried, with college akin basic giving added adoration credibility – this will use the aforementioned ascent as burying basic in the Kourend Catacombs.

This aftereffect does not assemblage with the Kourend Catacombs adoration perk.

The bonecrusher aftereffect will plan with the necklace.

Equipping the chaplet will abate your actual adoration credibility by 50% - this applies behindhand of whether you are in activity or not.

Completion of the adventure is not appropriate to accouter the necklace.

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Skeletal Visage & Dragonfire Breadth

Vorkath will aswell accept a adventitious of bottomward the Skeletal visage. With 90 Smithing, you can amalgamate an Anti-dragon absorber with a Skeletal visage to actualize the Dragonfire ward, a new ranged adaptation of the Dragonfire shield.

The Dragonfire breadth can authority up to 50 accuse and is answerable by arresting dragonfire attacks in the aforementioned way that the Dragonfire absorber does. For every charge, the Melee and Ranged arresting bonuses access by +1. The stats apparent in the angel beneath are the stats of the Breadth if it is absolutely charged. The Breadth has the aforementioned appropriate advance as the Dragonfire absorber and is absolved in the aforementioned way.

Completion of the adventure is not appropriate to actualize or accouter the Dragonfire Ward. Both the Skeletal Visage and Dragonfire Breadth are tradeable.

Vorkath's Arch & Ava's Assembler

Vorkath will rarely bead his head. You can yield this arch forth with 75 Mithril arrows and an Ava's accumulator to Ava in Draynor Manor to access Ava's assembler, the new best in aperture ranged account for the cape slot. Ava's assembler requires 70 ranged to accouter and can about accumulate mithril ranged items. It has an 80% adventitious of extenuative armament against the 72% of the Accumulator - the added 20% would still breach and be lost.

Both Vorkath's arch and Ava's assembler are untradeable.

In accession to the assembler, Vorkath's arch can be taken to the taxidermist in Canifis who will getting it for use in a player-owned house. It can aswell be reanimated as a accepted Ensouled Dragon via the Arceuus spellbook.

Adamant and Rune Dragons

In accession to Vorkath, Dragon Slayer II aswell introduces both Adamant and Rune Dragons.

Adamant Dragons will accept a adventitious of bottomward a Dragon metal slice, which is acclimated alongside a Dragon metal atom (purchased from the Myths' guild) and a Dragon sq absorber to ability the Dragon kiteshield. Doing this requires 75 Smithing.

Rune Dragons will accept a adventitious of bottomward a Dragon metal lump, which is acclimated alongside a Dragon metal atom (purchased from the Myths' guild) and a Dragon chainbody to ability the Dragon platebody. Doing this requires 90 Smithing.

Both the Dragon kiteshield and Dragon platebody are tradeable and do not crave achievement of the adventure to equip.

Dragon Crossbow

Adamant and Rune Dragons accept a adventitious to bead Dragon limbs, a new tradeable account that can be acclimated to actualize the Dragon crossbow. In adjustment to actualize the Dragon crossbow, you will allegation 78 Fletching to fletch a Magic banal from Magic logs, which can be acclimated with Dragon limbs to actualize a Dragon crossbow (u). This can again be strung with a crossbow cord to actualize the accomplished crossbow.

In accession to the stats above, the Dragon crossbow has a appropriate advance accepted as "Annihilate". Annihilate will use 60% appropriate advance activity to accident any adversary in a 3x3 area. The primary ambition of Annihilate will yield 20% added damage, both in PvP and PvM. All added targets will yield 20% beneath damage, both in PvP and PvM. If acclimated in a single-way area, the advance will still plan but alone hit one ambition with 20% added damage.

The crossbow is tradeable, acute 64 Ranged to equip. Achievement of the adventure is not appropriate to accouter the crossbow.

Superior Dragon Basic

Obtained via killing Vorkath, Adamant, or Rune Dragons, these basic are tradeable and accord 150 Adoration xp if buried, authoritative them the best basic in the game. However, they crave a Adoration akin of 70 to use. Superior dragon basic can aswell be ashamed with a Pestle and Mortar to actualize Ashamed dragon bones, which are a accessory additive in Superior antifire potions.

Use of the basic does not crave achievement of the quest.

Dragon Bolts

Dragon bolts are alone via Vorkath, Adamant and Rune Dragons. They bead unfinished, and crave 84 fletching to add accoutrement to and complete them. Doing so will admission you with 12xp per accomplished bolt.

It is accessible to add all accepted bolt tips (minus Amethyst) to the accomplished bolts. They accept the aforementioned furnishings as the accepted angled bolts, the alone aberration getting that they accept the aforementioned Ranged Strength as Dragon Bolts.

Dragon bolts can be accursed from the Dragon Crossbow, Dragon hunter crossbow and Armadyl crossbow. Dragon bolts (unf) and Dragon bolts are tradeable. Use of these bolts in any anatomy will not crave achievement of the quest.

Special acknowledgment to Mod Ian & Seb Boulton from the audio team, and our own Mod Ash, for the absurd music advance included in this week's update! If you are demography on Dragon Slayer II, be abiding to do so with the music enabled!

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