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performance of the floor. When selecting the floor


the foot of the floor is relatively comfortable. It has many advantages, such as good performance and long life, but the thicker the substrate is, the higher the water absorption rate is, which increases the risk of deformation. ?Experts Reminder : ?Production of more than 8 mm thick wood-plastic flooring, the production equipment, technical level of enterprises have very high requirements, so only large. The professional enterprise produces the product each target

ability to meet the national related standard stipulation. ?Tips: methods for testing substrates ?First of all, look at the substrate fiber density, whether uniform, there are no impurities;then look at its color, with pine as the raw material of the substrate, retain the true color of the pine, dark color, pine wood growth cycle is longer, wood fiber development complete, better physical properties, white substrate. Most of the fast growing tree species were used, the wood

fiber development of the fast growing tree species was not complete, and the physical properties of the fast growing tree species were poor. ?Second , smell , see if the base material has peculiar smell ?Third, boil, can take different brand floor to put in the same container, soak with 100 ℃ water for 30 minutes, when showing out, the higher the expansion coefficient is, the more the quality is, the lower the expansion coefficient, the better the quality. ?Small sound

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