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new trend and prevent itvinyl fencing problems from being imitated by more foreign enterprises because of its success. Shenzhen Yanjialong Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Yanjialong'), which was struggling to develop in a series of trade frictions, encountered such a 'foreign lawsuit.'[url=]groove living wall reviews on[/url] During the Hannover Flooring Exhibition in Germany in January, Unilin, a Belgian company that has been attacked repeatedly by Chinese locker

manufacturers,plastic terrace available openings fencing for dogs filed a lawsuit in Hamburg court in the name of Yanjialong's 'whimsical' product infringement on its patent rights.[url=]weatherproof insulation panels[/url] Unilin also threatened to file successive judicial proceedings in Yanagarong in other countries. He Yixin, head of Yan Jialong, told the Economic Information Daily in an interview that the case was held in Hamburg by the end of September. The company paid 10 million yuan high fees, hired first-class lawyer in

Germany, 'expected to win a greater likelihood.'wood plastic composite environmental impact However, this outlook is not reassuring. It is understood that Unilin claims 50 million U.S. dollars in annual budget for patent litigation. If Unilin continues to prosecute in other countries in spite of the German lawsuit,[url=]cheap alternative to wood decking[/url] only Yanarong will not be able to afford the high legal fees. Once Yandalong can not appear in court, the court will make a judgment in absentia, and a patent which is not

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