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The community favorite is undoubtedly the Druid

The community favorite is undoubtedly the Druid, who can now summon every type of minion at once. I'm not quite far enough on my Druid yet to be a bonafide zookeeper, but running around buy poe orbs dungeons with an army of wolves and bears looks like a hell of a good time. Another really cool idea is melee splash jewels, which give any single-target melee attack a splash effect. This is a pretty esoteric feature from Path of Exile, but it does wonders for making melee builds as fun as their magic-using peers.

One other major addition is a complete reworking of Diablo 2's endgame to make it more varied like Path of Exile. Once players are level 80 and have beaten the game on Hell difficulty, they can find relics and use them at altars to enter new and incredibly difficult dungeons. "These dungeons offer an optional alternative end-game aimed for high level characters (90+) where they can farm difficult content for experience and loot," reads Path of poe orbs features list. Every relic has a tier and the higher it is the more dangerous and rewarding the dungeon. It's a cool system that should definitely ease the numbing pain of boss runs or cow farming.BY here thanks, well done!
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