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Aggregate RuneScape Attenuated Aspect on Cave of Attenuated Memories

There is accession new TH added in bold - Cave of Attenuated Memories, during which you can accretion RuneScape Attenuated aspect from the RuneScape Attenuated wisps. And you can get Divination XP or abstruseness rewards. Don’t overlook you charge the Cave of Attenuated Memories admission to admission the cave added times.

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When will the new Treasure Hunter promo begin?

In the official news, the new TH Cave of Attenuated Memories should activate at 00:00 on February 7. However, some players accurate that they cannot acquisition it yet, and in bold Treasure Hunter console says the alpha time is 8th of Feb. That agency we accept to delay for a while. What’s more, don’t overlook it will end at 23:59 on Feb 12 UTC.

How can you win Cave of Attenuated Memories admission and get into the Cavern?

During the promo, anniversary day you can admission the new cave via the aperture in Burthorpe already for free. If you wish to get into it assorted times a day, you charge to accretion the Cave of Attenuated Memories tickets from TH or GE. Please agenda that anniversary time you can alone break in the cave for 2 mins and 30 secs at most.

What can the Attenuated aspect be acclimated for?

In the Cavern, You can accumulate as abundant Attenuated aspect by agriculture Attenuated wisps in bound time. If you are not into the Divination XP, you can change the XP to abstruseness rewards by chatting to Kristlin.

In addition, you can win added rewards by continuing in the blooming assorted locations. And you can aswell bolt Attenuated chronicles aural the cave for added currency.

The bill - Attenuated aspect can be acclimated to accomplish the new antiseptic weaponry, like:

Main and off-hand swords

2H sword

Main and off-hand Crossbows

2H Crossbow






Last but not the least, you can get added Attenuated aspect while training Divination from your accepted wisps. And the tokens for the aloft weapon overrides & added aspect can aswell be won from Treasure Hunter. Never overlook there is Rs 2007 Gold for sale here.
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