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Importance Of Customer Feedback For Hotels And Restaurants

In any business obtaining the opinion of the customers is much essential. The process of obtaining the opinion of the customer about a business, product or service is termed as customer feedback. This is so important for the businesses because it provides the marketers and owners with a viewpoint about their services or products and hence they take relevant steps for improving it according to the overall customer experience. Collecting offline feedback of huge section of the population is a difficult process but this process has been shortened by the use of customer feedback app developed by right2vote. This app enables even the restaurants and hotels to collect the customer feedback.

Ways the customer feedback app is useful

•Improvement of product or service: You must know what your customers expect from you then only you can provide that product or service in any restaurant. Especially this is useful while the hotel service is still in the development process so that end result is something that fulfills the needs of the customers. Through the app, you can seek suggestions on the food quality or the comfort of the stay. You can even ask the customers to rate it and accordingly give comments for improving the service.

•Measurement of the customer satisfaction: Whether the food quality or service meets or surpasses the customer expectations or not helps the businesses to decide the changes that are required. The customer feedback process helps to understand the level of satisfaction that any customer receives according to that hotel service is modified. Though there are various ways of collecting the feedback, the mobile app is the most effective way.

•Providing better customer experience: The primary reason for gathering the customer feedback is providing them a better experience. In today world establishing a new hotel business and retaining the existing customers is becoming tougher. Only when hotels offer an amazing experience to their customers then only they can expect that customers will come back again and again. Hence, the mobile app is used for collecting the feedback then it becomes easier even for customers to share their experience in that particular restaurant or hotel.

•Helps in customer retention: Feedback is the process by which you can directly communicate with your customer, so you can determine easily whether they are happy with the service or not. If any customer is happy that means that is an already retained customer but if there is some unhappy customer, then it is definite that they will perceive the competitor offer to be better before they do so you can use the feedback and ensure all such customer to have better experience when they visit the hotel next time.


After analyzing the above-mentioned points, it becomes utmost necessary for any hotel or restaurant to collect the customer feedback. If the collection of feedback is done through the mobile app then that could be more effective. It is the most important component of any businesses and this is the only way by which the hotels can create an amazing experience for their customers.

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