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advantageous forestry products enterprises


was 50.0%, an increase of 10.0 percentage points from the previous month, indicating that the FPI floor index represents the dominant raw material inventory of flooring companies unchanged from the previous month. Employee index was 50.0%, an increase of 2.5 percentage points from the previous month, indicating that the FPI floor index represented by the advantage of the floor of the enterprise employment volume unchanged from the previous month.reclaimed wood flooring for sale ireland The delivery time index for suppliers was 50.0%, down 5% from the previous

month, indicating that the dominant flooring company raw material supplier represented by the FPI Floor Index delivered the same delivery time as last month. The fact that the FPI index fluctuates more strongly than the PMI for China shows that the industry index does not necessarily coincide with the PMI for the country because: 1. The FPI index is based on the firm's actual reporting data, Reflects the industry's own characteristics and laws;4x8 vinyl glendale spaced picket fence 2. In the case of market changes, the same direction of change in the same industry is

greater than the consistency of changes in different industries, and therefore the amplitude is greater than the amplitude of the shift in more than one industry , how to frame a flat roof screen porch on existing deckThe performance is more sensitive, so to determine the economic trend of the industry more effective. 3. The country's index is a composite index of more than 20 industries. Different industries may even have opposite directions in different seasons. After the consolidation, the national index will be relatively stable. The industry index will be more sensitive to some factors that

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