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Association Floor Committee introduced


owned enterprises or private enterprises,laminate floor installation guide many leaders often make a common problem is that short-term interests over the long-term interests, we know that a leader or executive in the lot of time will not be too long, at this juncture, the short-term return on investment It is crucial, and some even sacrifice long-term interests, from the long-term development of enterprises point of view, this is fatal. Length of the interests of the dispute fell into

the company's own operation point of view is like a big price war promotions, relying on ultra-low prices for a higher market share, in a short period of time to promote an increase in sales,park pvc deck lumber panel suppliers but in the long run To consider the regular price war will cause the brand image of the decline, when the price of the product dropped to the critical point when the company may have come to an end, of course, the short-term interests of the enterprise

development dispute is not so simple,metal handrail steps porch template plans we have value from the business Elements of the current development of China's wooden floor business bottlenecks. (1) R & D is weak. Chen Ming, a famous economist in China, commented on Chinese enterprises. He said: Why Chinese enterprises are difficult to find a place in the world Apart from some objective and uncontrollable factors, what is even more important is that Chinese enterprises

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