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What You Will Do If You Have Hotmail Account Hacked Situation

Hotmail email service team always encourages the users to use this email service to communicate with others, to perform official commitments. But when the users face some troubles then they want to leave this email service which is not desirable to the technicians. They ask the users to consult with them .But users got really scared when they feel that they are into the hotmail account hacked situation. They got clueless what should do to rid of this problem. But it’s simple; they just need to follow the instructions given by the technical team. Hotmail technical team not only gives solutions for hacked related issue, also give the tips to avoid this problem too.
To deal with hotmail account hacked situation, users need to follow password recovery section. They need to follow the procedures carefully. These procedures are discussed below-
 Hotmail technicians always advice the users that they should visit the authorised hotmail website.
 After that, they will be instructed to click on the box ‘’Can’t access my account’’.
 Next, users are instructed to click on ‘’I forgot my password’’.
 Then, users will be instructed to click on ‘’reset your password’’.
 Then, users have to mention that email id which bothers them a lot (specifically that particular blocked account).
 Then users need to type the ‘’next’’ option and after that they have to type the ‘’Captcha’’. Hotmail technical team warn them during typing the captcha. Users need to type the captcha very carefully otherwise if they type wrongly, then it will start to appear repeatedly until the users type this correctly.
 Hotmail technicians know sometimes, users don’t understand or failed to read the captcha. That’s why they suggest to listen the captcha .Audio option is available for them.
 After that, users need to click ‘’I can’t use any of these options’’.
 After that, users will see a ‘’recover your Microsoft account’ ’option, where they are instructed to mention alternative email id.
 Then ‘’account info’’ page appears and users have to provide some information (related to account) and finally users can click on the ‘’submit’’ option. Thus users can come out from the hotmail account hacked related situation.
Hotmail technicians give training to the users how to avoid hotmail account hacked type situation. They are active for 24x7 hour basis. Users can call them by using toll free helpline number. Customized service is available for those who need urgent assistance.
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