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large-scale flooring companies such


therefore wise to enter the middle and low-end market.outdoor decorative screen wall panel On the other hand, for many front-line floor brands, a strong brand image and accumulated technology over the years are all advantages.The floor market is changing and unpredictable. The deserted property market did not allow the industry to have a momentary ebb.[url=]best sleeper for floating deck[/url] The Expo, environmental protection, technology warfare, price war, and active warfare all plagued the industry.

Corruption signs.composite decking disposal Relatively lagging channel development model in the flooring industry The industry believes that the floor development is relatively late for electric appliances and other enterprises. In addition to the traditional dealer channels, there are some disputes in the selection of the store floor industry,[url=]composite industries in bangalore[/url] and whether the large-scale stores are The problem that should be settled is that depending on the size of the company, there

are also differences between the various viewpoints. attaching a 2x4 board to woodThe substantial problem lies in the fact that the channel construction of the flooring industry is not the same as the electrical appliances and has formed a relatively mature model. Suning, Gome and other large appliances The monopoly status of the stores determines that only electric manufacturers can settle in to gain market share.[url=]style selections composite deck[/url] The channels of the flooring industry have not reached such

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