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large-scale flooring companies such


the countryside”how to build an outdoor floor on grass is another step toward expanding domestic demand after “bringing home appliances to the countryside” and “cars to the countryside”. Major initiatives of the industry, many floor industry professionals also believe that by the "going to the countryside",[url=]novel composite wood staircase floor[/url] a broader rural market is bound to be developed. But has it been appropriate for flooring brands that have always been "high-end" to enter the low-end market? Opponents are

mainly worried that this will damage their high-end image for first-tier flooring deck stains for wet envwoodments Moreover, when it comes to the rural areas, prices naturally have to be “down”, but in the case of limited purchasing power in rural areas, a prominent contradiction is also difficult to solve: high quality, high prices, low-end rural consumers can not Accepted; low quality,[url=]composite deck vs concrete[/url] low prices, the profits of the floor companies can not be guaranteed. At the same

time,buy lumber plastic fence in singapore they also worry that they will spend a lot of manpower and material resources to win some low-end market, but they will lose their dominant position in the high-end market. However, most of them agree with the opinion that industry professionals believe that, on the one hand,[url=]composite decking span tables[/url] because China's floor market is becoming popular, consumers will also concentrate on the low-end market, and appropriately lower their stances. It is

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