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Moisturizing film on the wooden floor surface


A big killer of the summer wood floor is the sun. In the continuous high temperature environment, easily lead to contraction of the floor, the gap increases, and even led to the floor cracking, paint shedding and so on.
1, to avoid direct sunlight Can be installed thicker, opaque curtains, pull the curtains to block the sun, to avoid exposure to the floor caused by injury.

2, control the indoor temperature Indoor often open the window ventilation, cooling methods such as air conditioning can be used to reduce the indoor temperature. However, try not to air directly to the floor blowing, to prevent excessive loss of floor moisture.

3, indoor moderate humidification Summer indoor and outdoor humidity is generally higher, but in the face of continuous sunny day, the air may become very dry, this time you can use the humidifier to humidify the room to prevent the floor due to excessive water loss caused by the gap, cracking, etc. phenomenon.

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