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Wood Products Director


manufacturer's promotional materials also claim that "disc bean" is commonly called 3 advantages of man made boards than wood"green handle mulberry." The fact is that "green handle mulberry" is more expensive than "disc bean". In the “Xinxin” floor store, experts found that the flooring manufacturers added the color of the “two-winged bean” floor and sold it as “Jingye Sumu”; "It is also known as "South American Wuli." Wu Limu is purely non-existent.[url=]replacing a cement front porch with a deck[/url] Since the Daily Business

Daily issued an exclusive warning on floor consumption on September 20th,where to buy duma pan interlocking pvc panels the floor market has experienced two very different changes: First, the biggest-selling ant wood has obviously been reduced in falsification, and no counterfeit “heavy ants” floor was found on the day. ,[url=]composite pvc outdoor white planter box[/url] found only low-grade heavy ants posing as high-grade heavy ants, shoddy; second, counterfeit maple is still swept through the city, "Europe Maple", "Maple

Canada", "European Red Maple" can be seen everywhere. Impersonating the birch.fence slat calculator Some merchants in the market have labeled eucalyptus as "European oak." Experts say this is also very non-standard. Real maple and oak are hard to see and expensive. After the inspection,[url=]green practice in composite climate[/url] the experts also reminded consumers that once they discovered that the company sold “Thai pomelo” (ie Thai teak), it could be concluded that it was a fake because

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