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I understand you see these people

Anything involving the Codex:Remove the codex from their inventories and worn equipment. Does this mean they miss out on a no cost 30 percent IED in the leafre set, but Maplestory Mesos means that they also can no longer use familiars. Those gamers who exploited the buffer overflow glitch using the exploit last year? They would no longer be able to use a wolf underling or big spider recognizable whilst bossing if this was their punishment. That's a massive incentive to NOT partake in any exploit between the codex.

Participating in event broadcasts to secure more items than meant:Remove all the relevent items from their inventories, even ones got from the case in prior decades. If you knowingly abused the glistening easter egg buff event this season, then you deserve to get all of your buffs you've collected/hoarded within time deleted. When possible, this should be followed closely by obstructing that participant's account from engaging in the event when it comes back in the future.

Selling game items for real money:I understand you see these people. They advertise the Paypal prices directly in their shop windows today, and frequently no action is taken against them except to occasionally change the text into their shop window. If you don't want to ban them outright simply delete all the items in their store stocks. Second crime would be deleting all the items in their stock and within their storage. All items, Maplestory items, awards.

Clearly some actions should still result in an immediate ban. Hacking, using someone else's accounts, duping etc etc.. . But overall few actions should immediately warrant a ban, however they nevertheless merit a punishment. I truly do believe that such a system would bring about a very positive change in how the community thinks about breaking the ToS. And ultimately, if you disincentivize them from breaking the ToS at the first place, then you won't encounter problems on precisely the same scale as the Shiny Easter Egg Buff harness or hunters club pops. You will also, finally, have fewer gamers botting for amounts.
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