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Returning Maplestory player after a long hiatus

Returning Maplestory player after a long hiatus

I hope this goes here. Ok so. . I was an avid player once I was younger. You're going back perhaps 13 or so years now pre-Nexon. During the years, I would play for a length of time, take a rest, uninstall the game, download it again after a time, and start the cycle over again. The previous time I had one of these lengthy play-throughs was perhaps three or four years back, and holy crap how everything has shifted -- visually that's. The game play itself has stayed the exact same for the most part.

I have a few questions since I feel out-of-the-loop here. What happened to the main four classes that were the warriors, magicians, thieves, and archers? In addition, I remember attempting to have a beginner character remain on that island.

Why is leveling really simple today? My highest degree ever I remember was possibly in the 60's scope (Thief I believe), which took weeks to complete after all of the celebration and solo quests along with the countless hours of grinding. How have I managed to achieve level 107 at a two week period with little to no attempt? Mind you I work and go to college full time. Never in my life could I've imagined doing this.

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