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Open security settings, select the WEP security type

That is, the password is set to a wireless local area. The Cngz Low Price Pocket Wifi Wireless Router With Sim Card Slot will use WEP safe mode 802.11 basic and specific settings as shown below. 5.MAC address filtering. MAC address filtering through the MAC address to allow or deny access to a computer in a wireless network wide area network, effective control of the user within the wireless network access permissions. The filtering function can make certain the MAC address of the computer cannot access the wireless network or only allow with these MAC address of the computer to access the wireless network, wireless devices to prevent unauthorized access to the unknown external network.

Tips: what is the English name Media Access MAC? Control (medium access control), also called the physical address, is to identify the LAN node identification. In the physical transmission network architecture underlying, is through the physical address to identify the host image that is equivalent to the network card MAC address ID number the encoding, a globally unique.

The small 7 MAC address can be querying by entering the *#62209526# on the standby interface. The next figure is my small 7MAC address:

Click "add", and fill the small 7MAC address in the box into the box and "save", as shown in the following figure.

6., enable DHCP server. Low Cost Huawei Ma5600 H5 O2Gs Supports Two Ge Optical Ports can automatically allocate IP address to the computer in LAN. As shown below, the address and the end address of the address pool can be selected anywhere, but the range is between and

If you want to enable a static IP address, the setting method is similar, and it is no longer stated here.

After completing the above steps, we need to remember "save" and restart the router, so that the changes will take effect. For more details, please refer to the router manual.

As long as the small 7 to enter the next menu - > tool ->WLAN, open the WIFI connection wizard will automatically search all the 7 small area wireless networks in the list, select an available wireless router corresponding to the SSID you set and click "connect", you can travel through the wireless world!

Note: if the wireless router is using the DHCP automatic distribution of IP, then the mobile phone in the WIFI configuration on the default connection; if uses a static IP address, you need to specify a fixed on the mobile phone IP can be connected, otherwise it will prompt "no response" in the mobile phone gateway, see the IP method specified 2.2.

2.2 share the Internet through the wireless network card of the notebook computer

I believe there are a lot of advantages: Friends of the machine also has the notebook and N78 (even is one), this method does not need to purchase additional wireless routing, the Internet can be shared through the wireless network card, notebook computer is very convenient for users, but also a successful configuration after another time can copy configuration is relatively simple and quick the usual lazy lying in bed can be comfortable using a mobile phone to the Internet to see Youku and other video sites,New Cisco Switch 6500 Series Ws X6148 21Af Ug Yoshiya yoshiya!

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