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Electric furnace smelting method

Section 1 Classification of smelting methods: According to the smelting process, useful oxygen and oxygen are divided, there are oxidation method and non-oxidation method. According to the state of the charging into the furnace, there are two kinds of hot and cold. Hot-melting has no melting period, short smelting time and high productivity, but it needs to be combined with open hearth, converter or other forms of stoves; cold-loaded materials mainly use solid steel materials or sponge iron. According to the number of slagging processes in the smelting process, there are a single slag method and a double slag method. Oxygen oxidation method, oxygen oxidation method, and Ore, Oxygen comprehensive oxidation method, and argon, oxygen mixed blowing method.[url=]Wholesale Price Vacuum Sintering Crucible Furnace Lab Electric Furnace[/url]
The determination of the smelting method mainly depends on the composition of the charge and the quality requirements of the finished steel. The following is a brief introduction of the oxidizing and non-oxidizing smelting features.
(1) Oxidation method. Oxidation smelting is characterized by an oxidizing period. In the smelting process, oxidizing agents are used to oxidize Si, Mn, P and other super-sized elements and other impurities in the molten steel. Therefore, although this method uses coarse material but can smelt high-grade steel, it is extremely versatile. The disadvantages are long smelting time and high burn-in of easily oxidized elements.
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(2) No oxidation method. Non-oxidation smelting can recover a large amount of precious alloy elements and shorten the smelting time. Non-oxidation smelting is characterized by no oxidizing period. Generally, fine materials are used in full, such as steel grades or similar steels returning to scrap steel and mild steel, etc. The content of P, S and other impurities is required to be as low as possible, and the content of alloy elements to be blended should be Enters or approximates the medium or low limit of the finished steel specification. In the absence of this type of steel or similar steel back to scrap, the charge can be blended with ferroalloys and used for the smelting of high alloy steels.
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