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What do you want to pay attention to to buy a wireless router

Though the information is very developed now, consumers can easily understand Original HUAWEI Quidway AR18 12 Router. But many merchants and salesmen will be able to avoid the explanation, and even design some small traps. The novice who is not well understood is likely to buy inappropriate products or even inferior products. Here we will introduce the technical specifications, various skills and needs to be considered when selecting and buying wireless routers. To pay attention to, let everyone do heart bottom at the time of purchase.

1. Network standard

Now the wireless router generally supports the IEEE 802.11b/IEEE 802.11g/IEEE 802.11N standard, which can theoretically realize the 11Mbps/54Mbps/150Mbps/300Mbps wireless network transmission rate. In today's situation, family or small office network users usually choose IEEE 802.11b/IEEE 802.11N standard products.

Two, port number, rate

Nowadays, almost all wireless router products are built with switches, which generally include 1 HUAWEI 48 Port Poe Switch Network Switch S2700 52P PWR EI (WAN) ports and 4 LAN (LAN) ports. The WAN port is used to connect with the broadband network, and the LAN port is used to connect with the network devices or computers in the LAN so that a wired and wireless hybrid network can be formed.

Three. Firewalls

In order to ensure network security, wireless router should also have firewall function. Firewall functions generally include LAN firewall and WAN firewall. The former can use IP address restriction, MAC filtering and other means to restrict computer access to Internet in LAN; the latter can use simple means such as web site filtering and packet filtering to prevent hacker attacks and protect network transmission security.

Four. Network access

The common Internet broadband access methods include ADSL, Cable Modem, Cell Broadband and so on. So when choosing a Huawei OptiX Metro 1000 PL3S, we should pay attention to the way of network access it supports.

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