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Gypsum gray ball mill

Gypsum ash is gypsum plaster plaster, gypsum plaster mortar, gypsum plaster to carry on the internal wall plaster is called gypsum plaster. Traditionally, plaster plaster mortar is used to cover the inner wall of lime mortar 2mm. That's what we often call gypsum plaster. Gypsum powder is a powdery substance that is obtained by pulverizing (dehydration) of gypsum mine, and it will crystallize again after adding proper amount of water. These two things have different properties and USES.

Gypsum can be divided into natural gypsum, desulfurization gypsum, phosphogypsum, adopting direct processing is natural gypsum, gypsum mine and power plant after desulfurization gypsum waste residue is sulfur, phosphoric acid production, treatment of sulfuric acid in phosphate rock solid waste is generated in phosphogypsum, these all belong to gypsum. A large number of applications are made of gypsum, which is made of gypsum powder through ball mill, which is convenient for transportation and easy to purchase.

Currently on the market for grinding of gypsum powder grinding equipment such as ball mill, Raymond mill, natural gypsum ore, desulphurization gypsum and phosphogypsum plaster of Paris a full set of the tooling, the broken link with jaw crusher, to crushing gesso raw material, particle size is suitable for the next step of production requirements, and then through the ball mill grinding of gypsum, gypsum powder from calcined gypsum powder by fluidized bed heated dehydration, end up with plaster of Paris.

Gypsum gray ball mill sales manufacturers, which brand in the ball mill? Main ball mill products include: ball mill, energy saving ball mill, cement ball mill, etc. When buying gypsum ball mill, the user must ask the equipment wear-resistant material.

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