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Stone production line

According to the news from the sichuan development and reform commission, sichuan province invested more than 300 million yuan in a large number of infrastructure projects between 2014 and 2015. These projects basically include infrastructure, large industries, engineering at all levels, and ecological environmental protection. In the construction of these infrastructure projects, the strong support of crusher equipment is indispensable.

Because of stone crusher is not fully closed, at work, being hit by extrusion, stone, stone clearance of air is extruded and high-speed outward movement, lead dust with escape, instantly raise large amounts of dust. The dust air is expelled through the chute (a small part) or up through the feeding mouth (most), causing a high concentration of dust around the feeding mouth. Being in this state for a long time will not only cause serious pollution to the environment, but also cause great harm to the human body. So how to control the dust pollution of the crusher, as a professional manufacturer of crushing equipment, which aspects should we make improvement measures?

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