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The operation of the login password and the 10G 10Km Bidi Sfp Compatibility Cisco Huawei Transceiver Lc 1270Nm 1330Nm Cwdm access password is usually used by the TP-LINK router, so the following interface is standard with TP-LINK, and the initial login IP of TP-LINK is, and the login username and password are all admin

There are default access settings on the back of routers.

First connect the network (wired wireless can) and then log on the router (enter the router IP:TP-LINK in the browser window:, enter the login password):

1, modify the default login password (system tool - modify login password). (if you forget the login password, you can reset the router - the reset hole (reset) behind the router in the routers' power state. About 10 seconds or so, when the indicator of the router's face is completely destroyed and then the reset hole is released, that is to complete the router. Reset, restore factory status and reset router.

2, modify the wireless device name (SSID) (Huawei Mpu For Ua5000 Settings - basic settings) (only wired routers have, to restart the router to take effect, can be restarted by hand, can also be restarted in the menu: the system tool - restart the router)

3, modify the wireless password (wireless setting - wireless security settings) (that is, the WIFI password, only wired routers have, to restart the router to take effect, restart the same method)

4, see how many devices (including computers and mobile phones) connect to routers (including wireless and wired) and their MAC addresses (by counting the number of devices connected to the router, you can know if the router has been scratched).

5, check the local allocated IP and the MAC address (physical address) of the machine and the corresponding graph in 4.

6, set up internet account and so on Rack Server Huawei Server 5288 V3 Waterproof Server Rack Cabinet parameter -WAN port setup).

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