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Enterprise Switch Huawei S2700-26TP-SI

Huawei 2700-26TP-SI has as many as 26 ports, supports QOS support, VLAN; has a packet forwarding rate of 6.6Mpps; supports stacking, automatic configuration, CLI configuration, Telnet remote configuration, SNMP V1/V2/V3, RMON, Cluster management HGMP V2, SSH V2, WEB management features, GVRP protocol; fully meet the needs of general enterprises.

The S2700-26TP-SI switch supports the intelligent stack iStack function. The stacked virtual cables can be automatically set up after the stack cables are inserted. After the new switches are added, the service interruption time caused by the failure of the master switch is reduced.

In addition, it supports intelligent upgrades, relieves users of the troubles of upgrading the software version of newly added switches when expanding capacity of stacks, and allows the switches to use interconnected cables to implement the expansion of multiple devices, a single IP management, and greatly reduces the cost of system expansion and operation and maintenance. .

The machine's powerful performance, for enterprise users can perfectly solve the company's embarrassing network sharing issues. Numerous ports can also support numerous computers. Compared with the current price of the aircraft, the cost performance is relatively high, and it is recommended for enterprise users to choose.

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