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Linear vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen with double vibration motor drive, synchronization, when the two vibrating motors do reverse rotation, vibration force produced by the eccentric block in parallel to the direction of the motor axis offset each other, in the fold is perpendicular to the direction of the motor shaft for a resultant force, so the trajectories of sieve machine for a straight line.

The two motor shaft relative screen surface has a Angle, the vibration force and material since the gravitational force, under the action of the material on the screen was thrown up by leaps and bounds ahead for linear motion, so as to achieve the purpose of the screening and grading the supplies. Can be used in pipeline to realize automation. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, and no dust spill. The mesh size is 2-400 mesh, which can be screened out 9 different kinds of materials.

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