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Chemical composition of stainless steel screws

Stainless steel screws can have stainless steel screws of 2 series, stainless steel screws of 3 series, and stainless steel screws of 4 series. So different series of different grades of stainless steel screws, their chemical composition is not the same.

2 series of stainless steel screws is more common is the 201 stainless steel screws, but now the WorldCom basically do 201, because the performance of the 201 relative to 304,316 stainless steel screws to be much worse.

3 series of stainless steel screws and 303 grades are more commonly used, good cutting performance, suitable for lathe processing screws.

Chemical composition of 304 stainless steel screws:
Carbon ≤ 0.08, silicon ≤ 1.00, manganese ≤ 2.00, phosphorus ≤ 0.045, sulfur ≤ 0.03, nickel 8.0-10.5, chromium 18-20

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