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Shimano Trevala: Going to the Basics of Shimano Rods Handling

The Booming Deep Jigging

Shimano Trevala offers a series of jigging rods for jigging enthusiasts. Jigging is a fishing practice using a jig. A jig is a fishing lure which consists of a lead sinker and usually covered with a soft body plus a hook that is molded into it for easy fish attraction. Jigs create a vertical movement and jerky motion. It is very versatile allowing the use of it both in salt water and fresh water. Jigging became popular among anglers for years now because of its capability in attracting several marine species. Apart from this fact Rafinha Brazil Jersey , Shimano Trevala greatly influenced the popularity of deep jigging. As more anglers experience the success of the technique, Shimano Trevala manufacturers likewise continuously bring to the market fishing rods like the Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods Philippe Coutinho Brazil Jersey , exclusively designed for jigging fanatics.

Basic Lessons of Deep Jigging

Shimano Trevala fishing rod series are designed exclusively for vertical jigging. Here are some basic lessons you have to understand before getting into the jigging system.

1. A good grip. We see most of the fishermen holding the rod under the armpit and shifts only to a working stance upon hook up. Shimano rods are available from heavy to extra heavy action gimbals for a better control in battling big and strong fish. A fitting rear grip length is essential to maximize the effectiveness of Shimano Trevala rods. A short grip restricts body movement thus reducing hook setting power while long grip gets a little heavy. Ideally, a thirteen inch grip suits most people Pele Brazil Jersey , but sport fishing experts still advice anglers to take into consideration their personal preferences in deciding and choosing the rear grip length.

2. Lightweight Shimano Trevala and yet so powerful. Jiggers usually hold the rods in a standing position while working on lures and even when fighting with a hooked fish. This is why Shimano Trevala saw to it that they combine lightweight, durability Paulinho Brazil Jersey , and strength unto their fishing rods. With the reinforcement of fiberglass to graphite, the problem has been answered. A reduced weight of the fishing rods without sacrificing its strength will greatly help a jigger.

3. Choosing between long or short Shimano rods. Selecting the suitable length of your jigging rod mostly depends on the jigging style used. Some would like to have shorter rods for heavy jigs or maybe a medium to heavy rods for lighter jigs. For serious jiggers though Neymar Jr Brazil Jersey , they carry with them a number of rods to handle different situations. Shimano Trevala jigging rods are available from five to eight feet. But for beginners, the recommended length should be between six to seven feet medium action rod. This kind of rod is comfortable for novice and minimizes fatigue. It can also handle small to large lures with a strong pulling power.

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