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Lives in Seagoville, Texas United States · Born on June 9, 1979
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June 9, 1979
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December 23, 2017
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February 1, 2016
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About Me
My name is Amado, and I am 36 years old mostly gay male originally from Northern California. I am mixed race half Mexican half Euro / mix. I'm the oldest of three siblings and half of my family is black through my mom's marriage so I come from a very diverse ethnic background. I've been locked up since January of 2011 under a charge of being and receipt of c*********. Prior to being incarcerated I worked in the entertainment industry is a professional lighting designer and Stage production manager for live shows, theater, concerts. I worked in New York City (Off-Broadway), Las Vegas, but I spent most of my career working on cruise ships. Also i did a brief stint in real estate and tried publishing a magazine. In 2008. I'm not a horrible person. I'm paying the price for making bad choices. It is my belief that everyone deserves a second chance. My past is in the past and I choose not to be defined by it. My birthday is June 9th, 1979, making me a Gemini.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Even though I call my mom often, I do not get much mail or many visits. I love to have a pen pal to write to on a regular basis. You'll find I am funny, intelligent, a good friend, and, if nothing else, I promise to always be honest with you and never play games. I like to meet people who aren't judgemental, have a good sense of humor, all responsible, and enjoy life.
I have a weird, almost geeky, approach to watching movies. I have dreams of graduating from Stage production to music videos and short films. So when I watch movies, I like to see good acting, engaging Plot, and convincing action and effects. I like Thrillers, some horror, action and comedy.
I enjoy the outdoors a lot. I have a special connection to being a natural settings. I also enjoy photography, travel, dancing, and being a foodie / amateur chef.
I love dance and house music, hip hop, top 40, even classic rock, blues, and classical. The last album I downloaded was nervous nightlife. Miami 2009 in The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.